Weekend Roundup: July 6-12

Tweet of the Day: The Wicker Giant


Germany crushed Brazil, I posted a full week of stories and it is hot as balls up in here. So hot that we are officially in drought down here. It rains, a bit, but not enough. Which is weird because this year was particularly wet, until summer rolled around. Why is that strange? Because in Puerto Rico the dry season is in the spring, from February to early May. Summer is a mix of balmy clear sunny days sprinkled with lots of summer showers.

Not this year.

This year its been dusty, grimy and hot, hot oh for the love of GOD hot! Oh and wait, it gets better! Because August brings the Sahara dust. That’s right massive clouds of sand blow across the Atlantic to choke the heat haze we that marks the end of summer. Then it is Hurricane Season from September to November.


But enough about the weather (I didn’t mention the occasional earthquake), lets see what this week brought us:

Oh and one more thing…GO ARGENTINA!



2 comments on “Weekend Roundup: July 6-12

  1. I’m not into soccer, but since I live here, am rooting for Germany. Hope it will be a good game.


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