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Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News Network-Court Upholds Verdict


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ANN News Desk

From Alliance Legal Desk on the Citadel

October 17, 2196

Corporate Court Upholds Verdict

by Antony McConnell

PRESIDUM, CITADEL– The Interplanetary Commerce and Trade Court (see: ICTC) which acts as final arbiter on economic matters among Citadel governments, upheld a decision by the Systems Alliance Supreme Court that dismissed a lawsuit from the now defunct Noveria Development Corporation against the Systems Alliance under the ancient Earth’s legal costume of force majure.  In NDC v. Systems Alliance, the corporation named several high ranking members of the Alliance government including then Admiral Steven Hackett (now Prime Minister Hackett), alleging malicious prosecution, violation of extraterritorial rights, undue interference in contract negotiations, vandalism, theft, destruction of private property and illegal detention of various Citadel citizens.

Rolf Donnic, one of two human justices on the court, wrote the unanimous decision of the court:

The claims by the plaintiff that members of the Systems Alliance Military, “ransacked,” the facilities belonging to the corporate entities under the plaintiff legal umbrella are ludicrous on their face. The court has never found a clearer example of what in human legal tradition is termed force majure, a situation so outside the control of the participants as to render any claims against them totally and completely moot in its twenty six hundred year history . So it is the case with the Reaper Invasion, whose purpose was the extermination of all advance sentient life in the galaxy. To that end they employed a human terrorist organization, known as Cerberus, to further their genocidal plans. Said organization used the facilities belonging to the plaintiff to finance and house their operations. Furthermore evidence presented to the court shows that plaintiff refused to cooperate with civil and military personnel from the Systems Alliance as well as other allied forces even in the face of this essential threat. This suit will go down in intergalactic legal history as the most fruitless, pointless, and baseless waste of the any court’s time and patience.

In a concurring decision Zafron T’Arai, the sole asari member of the panel, added:

This is yet another example of corporate overreach under the conceit of, “corporate extraterritoriality,” where in corporate actors abuse legal loopholes for the express purpose of violating laws that lie at the foundation of the Citadel Council. In doing so they imperil the sovereignty of multiple interplanetary governments and mount a direct challenge to galactic order.

This verdict is one of several in an anti-corporate wave following the Reaper Invasion, where in multiple governments have reasserted their control over corporate matters. Earlier this month the Council on Sentient Rights refused to see the case of incarceration of 19 executives of the NDC on various charges ranging from fraud to aiding an enemy during a time of war as well as violating multiple laws regarding bio-engineering of sentient beings and AI research. The jail sentences for these offenses run the gamut from fifteen to three hundred years (galactic standard).

Report filed by ANN Legal Analyst Antony McConnell.


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