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ME2: One Night in Nos Astra with…Miranda


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Azure, Nos Astra, Illium, A few days after the destruction of the Alpha Relay….

Shepard leaned on the balcony railing. He stared at a point in the middle distance. Somewhere past the speeding aircars. A point suspended in the hazy sun drenched twilight. He took a deep breath and then shuddered. The last thing he remembered from his last life was the sound of desperate breathing filling his ears.


My god Miranda, I think he is waking up.

…a  new memory.

In it Miranda hovered over him, concerned etched on her pale face. What was he to her back then? Just another project? Just a check mark in her mission reports to the Illusive Man?

Don’t you get it? The only one worth saving is you. Everyone else is expendable.

But the Miranda he knew wasn’t as cold as she wanted everyone to believe.

I hope it was worth it. A lot of people lost their lives on that station.

Shepard had no answer to that, not after sacrificing three hundred thousand lives to slow down the Reapers. His job was to stop things like that, like he did on Elysium. He destroyed the Collector Base because of all the lives wasted there.  He took on Saren on the Presidium. He sacrificed Kaidan on Virmire. Had he become what he fought all along?

“Shepard, there you are,” said Miranda.

She strode into the balcony with a full champagne flute  in each hand.  Shepard’s heart skipped a beat as her delicate perfume wafted past his nose. Miranda  did not walk into a room, she dominated it. And right now she had his undivided attention. She handed a glass to Shepard.

“Cheers,” said Shepard with a lopsided grin.

“Twenty-one fifty from San Santiago,” said Miranda. She leaned on the balcony rail. Her dark locks swayed rhythm of wind.

“How’s Oriana?” he asked.

“She’s settling fine. New school, new friends, excellent grades. I’m more worried about you, Shepard,” she said.

“Aratoht,” he sighed. “I made the call and now I have to face the consequences. I wished I could have warned the colonist in time but….”

She moved in closer,”Shepard, there was nothing you could have done. Even if you had activated the project three days in advance and warned the batarians they would have sent a fleet, bombarded the asteroid, destroyed the fusion torches , then sent a team to capture or kill you. And while the batarians displayed your corpse for the cameras, the Reapers would have poured through the Alpha Relay.”

He looked away, “And Aratoht’s colonist would have been their first victims.”

“Exactly. The first of billions. You bought the galaxy time to prepare,” she said.

“What about you?” he asked.

“I can’t stick around. The Alliance is not going to welcome me with open arms and the Illusive Man hates lose ends so….”

Shepard put a finger under her chin, “When do you leave?”

“First flight tomorrow,” she said.

He pulled her gently by the chin, “Good, it gives me a chance to say goodbye.”

She leaned closer,”Is that so?”

Their lips met.

And once again Miranda brought Shepard back to life.


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