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Weekend Roundup: June 29- July 5

Tweet of the Day: The Problem with Necromancy


The heat is on, with the odd gentle breeze to break the sweltering monotony. Welcome once again to my humble blog, oh gentle reader. Yes, pretty thin on the ground this week. I thought of doing a double Thursday post to fill in for an otherwise lack luster week but thought better of it. The post is in the draft folder waiting to be unleashed sometime next week. A similar situation happened with what became Friday’s post. I read the original article on Sunday and wanted to fire off a quick post, but again, I thought better of it and delayed it until Friday. Sometimes it pays to wait. I would have missed the response by the developers otherwise. Well enough inside sport talk, let us see what this week brought us:

That’s it in a nutshell. Hope you are having a great day and see you all next week.


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