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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 10 (c.2)-Footrace


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Serpent Nebula, Widow System, the Citadel, Zakera Ward , Shin Akiba Commercial District, October 16, 2196

Miranda and I ran through the crowded hallways of Shin Akiba after the man that put a bullet in my belly. I spun around a startled passerby. My heart pumped in my ears. Blood surged through my veins. It felt good to be back in action after days stuck in a hospital bed.

“Hey Miri remind me again why we are doing this?” I asked as I dodged a salarian with an armload of packages. The salarian let out a high pitch scream as he tossed the boxes in the air.

“For god’s sake Theo, he shot you!” said Miranda.

I dodged the edge of a electronics kiosk, “I know…but running down suspects is C-Sec job…not to mention defusing booby traps!”

“I didn’t know the place was wired!” she said a few steps ahead.

“I noticed!”

“I notified them. They are locking the level down,” she said.

Our quarry turned the corner. A large crowd gathered in a semi-circle around a shuttle station. He held a young woman hostage with gun to her head.

“I want a shuttle out of the ward and safe passage to the relay, now,” he demanded. Thick beads of sweat rolled down his cheeks.

I whispered into Miranda’s ear, “Can you push her aside with your biotics.”

“I’ll need an opening,” she said.

I cloaked, “One opening coming right up.”

Miranda stepped in front of the crowd, sub-machine gun on her left hand trained on the assassin.

“Step off, lady,” said the assassin.

“You kill her, I kill you,” said Miranda.

The assassins eyes widened, “You’re bluffing.”

I creept to the assassin’s right side, “No, she is not.”

“What?” blurted the assassin.

Miranda shoved the hostage free with her biotics. I grabbed and twisted the assassins wrist with my right hand followed by a kick to the knee. My left hand omni-blade came down his neck. It sparked millimeters from his skin.

“You’re done son,” I said.

Miranda took the young woman aside and handed her a cup of  hot tea. C-Sec showed up a minute later to secure the prisoner.


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