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Space for Rent: Zombies for All Seasons


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I was watching this video the other day:



Yes, great little video, I know.  You should check out Dodger work.

Now back to the subject at hand. I have posted about my feelings on zombies and post-apocalypse scenarios before. But zombies as objects or subjects mean different things in different context. In the bog standard zombie apocalypse, the zombies represent the relentless force of death, plus social decay that strips humanity from its civilization. It has often been said that the best zombie stories are not about the zombies but the people caught in them and what are they willing to do to survive. But zombies, or zombie like creatures appear in other formats as well.

In comedies, the zombies are the unthinking masses. The shambling morons who go about their business, unaware of universal beauty, truth, or any other high purpose. No matter how hard you slap them about, the sheep will continue to amble on trying to satisfy their base desires:shelter, food, entertainment. In this genre all those needs are reduced to a hunger for brains, i.e. the intellect of others. The thankless mob against the spunky survivors.

In video games zombies offer the chance of guiltless mass slaughter. An outlet for ultra-violence. Wish you could pop a cap at the little old ladies counting pennies in the bank teller’s counter while you wait? Find a wrinkled old hag of a zombie and lop her head off with a chainsaw. Have a jerk of a co-worker who makes rude remarks, steals the soda from the shared fridge, and sucks up to the boss to no end? Take a beat up old truck and run him and everyone else in the zombie horde over. Tired of the same old arguments with your parents…I’m not going to finish that sentence. Suffice it to say that the not quite living dead provide oodles of guilt free entertainment. A mindless horde to bash, blast, and shoot to your heart’s content.

So gentle reader, what do zombies mean to you?



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