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Mass Effect/AEC: Gaming Galaxy-HIPE 3


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Gaming Galaxy Reviews HIPE³

Serpent Nebula, Widow System, the Citadel, Zakera Ward ,October 15, 2196

Grick: Hello again from Zakera Ward. I am Grick, your favorite gaming salarian, and on today’s show we will be reviewing the top items from last weeks Hespith InterPlanetary Expo³, better known as  HIPE ³, the biggest event in the gaming galaxy calendar:

  • Galaxy of Fantasy Newest Expansion Sets: Gate Wars and Sailors of the Aether Seas.
  • The new VI3OS Holographic Gaming System from Macrostation.
  • How Hard Target software got in hot water over the depictions of batarians in the latest iteration of  Agent’s Contract: Harmony.
  • Elegant’s Artist reboots N7 Code of Honor: Medal of Duty with N-Force: Star of Terra and announces a game tie-in to the popular extranet series Champions of the Terminus.

Grick: Joining us for today’s program are the ever popular Ben Sterling from The Eludist and Galactic Grand Champion of Heroes Collective,the classic collectable hero battles tactical game, Total Victor. Welcome to the show gentlemen.

Ben: Glad to be here, as always Grick.

T-Vic: Same here.

Grick: So T-Vic lets start with you, as a long time GoF player for fun and profit what do you think of the new expansions?

T-Vic: Well, GoF is the go to massive multiplanetary RPG experience, bar none. It has aged well and keeps incorporating new ideas at a furious pace. Just when everyone declares it is dead, it pops up with a couple of new expansions like Blood Arena. It was very popular in the E-sport scene and Gate Wars seems to expand on that by adding a collectible hero concept which can be played as their own little game. The more quest you do and the more raid bosses you defeat, the more hero figures you collect for your 1-1 battles with your friends. And Gate Wars plays very well on V-88 gaming Omni-Tools so that’s a plus.

Ben: I’m glad they are doing this. Omni-Tool gaming almost always gets the short drift from the Quad-A developers. Plus Aether Seas will have a strong retro-futuristic/fantasy strategy gameplay. Now Astral Sails are more than a fast travel option. You can mod them, fight other Astral Sails and fight it out inside the new Metal Storm events. I mean, floating islands and warships fighting it out adds a strategic level to the PvP fights we haven’t seen before.

Grick: Anyone excited by the new VI3OS console?

Ben: Well we heard about hands free immersion based gaming before but for all the promises of the tech, I doubt we will get the full wrap-around holographic experience free of implants or wearable hardware. And various jurisdictions have prohibited the sale of direct nerve stimulation gaming systems sighting sensory overload to minors. It’s a nice gimmick but will see where it goes.

Grick: And Hard Target can’t seem to shake the controversy over their portrayal of batarians in the Agent’s Contract series. What are your thoughts on the matter?

T-Vic: It’s ridiculous. GoF expanded their lore to include krogan and quarian mythos, and batarian players, some of them are best competitive players I know, now number in the hundreds of thousands. It’s an expanding market that Hard Target is not simply ignoring but deliberately alienating. And don’t get me started on the fact that they say it’s too expensive to animate batarian females.

Grick: Ben, your thoughts?

Ben:  I agree with my salarian friend. This is Grand Terminus Alliance all over again. We live in a way bigger galaxy than just Earth or Sur’Kesh. Representation matters, folks. You can’t simply shoehorn entire species into the role of the bad guys and not expect some backlash.

Grick: Well I hope Elegant Artist doesn’t make the same mistake with their reboot of the N7 series.

Ben: Well, they to have been on hot water from the gaming community for a long time: incomplete buggy games, Project Ten Credit that chopped up releases into a billion pieces of DLC riddled with microtransactions and so on and so forth. I’m glad they are getting back to the single-player/co-op model instead of trying to compete with GoF. Plus they got Kenneth Sparks to play the new villain. Loved him in Pox.

Grick: Yet they are also doing another tie-in game, this time about Champions of the Terminus. Tie-ins have a reputation for being rushed out the door and down the stairs, so to speak.

Ben: Well, they say they will take their time with it. Will see.

T-Vic: I’m fan of the show so I’ll give it a try.

Grick: Well that is all for today. I hope you are having a great time gaming wherever you are. From Zakera Ward, this is your favorite gaming salarian signing off.




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