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TV Tropes Monday: Men Use Violence, Women Use Communication


Tweet of the Day: More on the Grump


This  trope is predicated on the idea of Male Strength and Female Weakness that I have discussed in this blog before.  In this instance males resort to direct action/violence while women rely on indirect methods like diplomacy. Often subverted by creating a story where women resolve the situation through communication or having a female character who resorts to violent action instead of diplomacy.

The problem I have, besides the obvious gender appropriation is that in most situations the best result lies in the appropriate use of both skill sets. A good diplomat knows how to back his words with force, if need be, while the best military leaders are master communicators, not only in the art of manipulating the enemy, but also bolstering and maintaining their own soldiers morale. For example, Eisenhower rose to be the Supreme Allied Commander in Western Europe not due to his prowess on the battlefield (he never commanded troops under fire) but as a excellent organizer and diplomat respected by both the Americans and the British. On the other hand his brash underling, Patton knew how to win battles but was lousy in the public relationship department.

And don’t get me started on recent events.

Suffice it to say that this is one of those tropes that, once again, should be use with care.


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