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Weekend Roundup: June 15-21

Tweet of the Day: Supanova Sydney:proof I was there


Let’s talk about Friday’s post. I really needed to get a few things of my chest. Looking back, the thought process behind the post was not the most…coherent, but I stick by it. I don’t want to be dragged back to the world of political blogging. This blog is primarily a story/lit blog not a place for the latest screaming headlines about war and famine. But I will not shy away from venting, from time to time. That, as I stated before, is the purpose of the Space for Rent posts. It is the place to go off the beaten path. If that means bringing up some ugly realities and my unique view on them, then so be it. I hope you managed to stick through it and at least picked up the gist of my thoughts on those events. Now back to this week posts:

So much for this week. I’ll see you all on the flip side.



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