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Mass Effect: Hammer


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The carriers Pegasus, Prometheus and Daedalus, joined by Chimera launched their collection of space fighters on the opposite side of the planet.  The combine force then circled the tidal locked dwarf planet in a sub-orbital path. The moment the strike package crossed the horizon into Soluvus sun light side Rodan’s radio crackled to life.

Rodan responded,

Rodan spotted the two reverse gull wing fighters below them. The Gulaga class was an eighty year old batarian design popular in the Terminus. It could carry up to thirty six missiles wing mounts. A single pass could destroy dozens of vehicles. It was bomb truck compared to the Rodan’s F-61 sport scar of a fighter. Ranger flight, with Rodan in the lead dove to attack. The number two of the pair turned on it’s axis to point it’s quad cannons at Ranger flight. An effective if punishing maneuver in vacuum but Soluvus traced atmosphere and low gravity was enough to make the fighter wobble from side to side. It sprayed fire toward Ranger flight as it decelerated. Rodan balanced his fighters nose with light taps on the rudders to keep the pipper on the target. He fired two quick burst from his guns. The Gulaga’s barriers disappeared on contact with the first burst. The second burst punched through the cockpit and detonated the fighter’s eezo core. Pieces of the wing blew off in different directions.

Ranger flight banked to the right and went into a shallow diver. Below them surviving enemy fighter skimmed the surface in a vain attempt to escape.  A beep in his helmet told Rodan had lock on the target. He pressed the fire button on the right control column first. A feint smoke trail flew from underneath the fighter.

Three, two one….

He fired a second second missile at the target. Both missiles arched upwards and then dove at the Gulaga. The pilot banked sharply to the left. The first missile sent a column of frozen dirt on impact. The enemy banked to the right to avoid a collision with a dune. The second missile hit the right side wing root. The fighter tumbled on the broken wing. It carved a debris field half a kilometer long along the frozen ground.

Ranger flight executed a quick roll and reverse maneuver that put them back in the direction of their primary target. Rodan listened to the radio chatter.

He spotted several shuttles deliver a string of jet pack equipped troops on top of the old mine. Gunships strafed and bombed enemy troops.

Rodan knew that the easy part was over. Now it was up to Galeena and the Fifth Aerospace Brigade to go underground and secure the mining facility.

Good luck.


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