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Mass Effect/AEC: Alliance News Network:JAC-Eden Prime Opens


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ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel

October 15, 2196

New JAC-Eden Prime Opens

by Amita Quita

CITADEL, PRESIDIUM- Representatives from the Alliance and Turian militaries participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony signaling the opening of the Joint Allied Command Headquarters (JAC-HQ for short) in Eden Prime Northwestern hemisphere near the city of Low Valley. The headquarters will serve as an administrative center for joint allied forces within Alliance space. Analysis of past galactic conflicts showed that the ad hoc  cooperation between the military forces of the Citadel races failed to deal with the threats in a consistent manner. JAC will provide administrative, liaison, and intelligence support for current and future joint allied operations within Alliance space. Alongside JAC the Alliance will open a new fourteen thousand square kilometer training area, the Nirali Bhatia Training Grounds. The NBTG will focus on training joint forces in planet side operations such as amphibious landings, ground battles, and aerospace support.

So far the Alliance, Turian, Quarian governments have signed on to the JAC initiative as have the Geth and Volus. The Salarians, Krogan and Hanar have observer status within the organization. JAC-Eden Prime opening follows the establishment of JAC-Citadel last year. A third center for the study of joint space warfare will open on the Turian world of Aephus sometime next year.


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