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Wizard’s World War(s.3) Dispatch 26: The End of the Beginning (P.1)


Tweet of the Day: Science in Fantasy Novels Is More Accurate Than in Science Fiction


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Catania, Pruvincia di Catania, Regione Siciliana, Rebupplica italiana, 12 October, 21:26 hrs +1 GMT

The principals crowded around the rickety table in the tiny, dusty basement beneath Catania’s streets. Representatives from the resistance as well as special forces from France, Italy, and Spain,crowded around the old rickety table. Owen watched the stairs for any intruder. He twirled one of his enchanted daggers in his left hand.

Captain Winters, SAS, ran a long finger along a line just south of Mount Etna.,”We reconnoitered the line earlier this week and found seven eight-inch guns ready and five more under construction. Normally I would call in a airstrike but those guns are encased in layers of earth, brick and reinforced concrete, each meters deep. It would take at least a pair of two thousand pound bunker busting bombs to tale out each emplacement. Thick fog surrounds the area and ash from the volcano cuts off satellite coms. That nixes the idea of smart bombs. And the top brass doesn’t want to risk their precious fighter bombers on blind attack runs into the face of hundreds of anti-aircraft batteries.”

Lieutenant Pedrera, UOE, looked at me, “Those guns can reach anywhere on the island. We can’t land troops until we destroy them.”

I stared right back into the lieutenant’s dark eyes,”My apologies, gentlemen, my magic goes so far. I wish I could snap my fingers and make them disappear but I can’t.”

“Then we need option, Mi Señora,” he said.

Winters spread another sheet of paper on the table. It was a crude drawing of the internal workings of the guns, “Our little birdie inside the enemy camp smuggled this little piece of intel to us last night.” Winters pointed at the base of the drawing, “As you can see here, this tunnel connects to the ammo bunker between batteries. Each gun shares an ammo bunker with it;s neighbor. Put a bit of plastique in their and watch the buggers blow sky high.”

“Getting in will be difficult,” said Pedrera.

“We identified entry points on the existing batteries,” Winters tapped the back of the concrete cupola. “It will be a silent, noisy, noisy op.” By which he meant, a stealthy ingress to the target area and then a all out attack on the battery itself. “The Navy has something ready to distract the  bastards and cover our retreat once we are inside. They will rinse and repeat to help us escape.”

“And after that?” asked Pedrera.

“Then the real battle begins,” said Winters with a crooked smile.


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