Space for Rent: The Internet as a Self-Demonstrating Article



Tweet of the Day: Women Destroy Science Fiction: Texts in Coversation


This one will be short, I promise.

Wait long enough around any social site, specially one with a comment section and it turns into a self-demonstrating article.

Write a post about racism? Racist show up to spew racist slurs or deny that it exists.

Write a post about misogyny? Expect a bunch of Male Rights Activist/Neo-Atheist to screech that not all men are like that and that the fault lies with women.

Write a post about consumers/voters/people hurting their own interest? Watch as commentators bathe in the light of the abuse inflicted upon them.

Someone with far more patience than I should study this phenomena. Someone who can analyze the evidence from a distance, say the Moon. Far enough, emotionally, not to turn into an instant ball of rage.  How for example, in a recent (as in a few minutes ago), “conversation,” I had in a comment section someone made a spacious statement and then when challenged said they did not have to prove it and instead accused his detractors of laziness because they would not back his assertion for him.

And there goes, out the window, logic my old friend.

Of course, you will say, don’t read comment sections.

But…they are fascinating! How people take things personally, how they prove the writer’s point with far more clarity in a single sentence than in all the words used above. There is a strange beauty there.  Somebody explain it to me, please!

That’s is your homework, gentle reader, find out why the internet is a self-demonstrating article, stat!


2 comments on “Space for Rent: The Internet as a Self-Demonstrating Article

  1. One of the most disturbing instances of recent memory was of the woman, who after writing an article discussing some of the sexism and misogany that existed in some gaming communities, got flooded with rape threats.

    I’m sure the sickos who did so, are too stupid to see just how they proved her point. The mind boggles.


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