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Weeekend Roundup: May 18-24 + Mass Effect/Liberation: News


Tweet of the Day: Twentieth Century Futurism Looks Really Bizarre Now


Another short week of posting. In order to compensate for the egregious lack of posts, I added a little something at the end of this one. I hope you like it.

Three posts in a week, counting this one of course. Hope you have a great weekend (for those who celebrate a holiday this Monday) and a great week for everyone else.


Rodan waited for Galeena outside the briefing room. They come up with a risky multistage plan to attack a group of pirates before they launched an raid on Lorek. He was confident that his part of the plan would work. It all came down to the timing. The risky part was on Galeena’s side. A ground assault on an mining site with a one hundred and fifty meter shaft connecting several chambers that housed hundreds of enemy soldiers. Either shock action would carry the day or they would have to drop a neutron bomb down the shaft and hope for the best. The Batarian Assembly wanted to keep damage to the facility as well as casualties on both sides as low as possible. Irradiating an entire eezo mining complex was not the way to accomplish either goal. To complicate matters further the Council demanded that a Specter supervise all combat operations. If she didn’t like what she saw the Council would pull their support and the whole thing. So far Specter Williams had kept her eyes opened and her mouth shut. Galeena saw it as a good sign. Rodan was too busy with making sure his pilots where up to snuff to care.

Galeena came down the corridor with a hard expression on her golden freckled face. Their former boss, Thompson-Ramos, said that it displayed her, “Serious serenity,” but there was nothing serene about the worry lines around her eyes.

“Major?” asked Rodan.

“The Colonel got shot,” said Galeena.


“In the Presidium on his way back from visiting the human councilor,” said Galeena.

“Is he….” Rodan refused to accept the inevitable.

“He’s stable. They have him in Huerta Memorial. Miss Lawson is with him. Thought you should know as soon as possible,” said Galeena.

“Damn. Any idea whose behind it?” asked Rodan.

“No. But like I said Miss Lawson is with him. She’ll let us know if the situation changes.”

They spent the last decade as a team. They faced long odds and always came on top. Now when their former boss needed them the most they were light years away.

Rodan put a hand on Galeena’s shoulder, “It’s not too late to turn this ship around and head straight for the Citadel.”

Galeena squeezed Rodan hand and sighed, “We have a job to do. Let’s go.”


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