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Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News- Date for Referendum Set



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ANN News Desk

October 12, 2196

Date for Referendum Set

by Paul Wolfram

LOREK, JALNOR- Lorek’s provisional government set a date for a referendum on the colony’s government and constitution to be held no latter than March 1, 2197.  The ballot will be divided into two tiers. The first tier will have the candidates from the parties approved by the Colonial Electoral Commission and the second tier will include the key constitutional provisions.  Among the provisions:

  • A Total Prohibition on Slavery: This includes indentured servitude, sexual slavery, wage slavery (employers refusing to pay a minimum/living wage) and wage theft.
  • Full Equality Under the Law: All citizens will enjoy equality under the law regardless of sex, race, sexual identity or place of origin.
  • Freedom of Religion Within the Law: Freedom to exercise any religion as long as said religious practices do not violate existing laws.
  • Right to Bear Arms: The right of citizens to carry weapons for self-defense, defense of family and home.

The last two provisions are controversial. Some batarian religious practices include the use of control substances and the right to own slaves. Giving the right to bear arms to all citizens raises the specter of armed militias, criminal groups and mercenaries running amok on the colony, a common enough occurrence in the Terminus Systems.

The provisional government struck down the inclusion of a third tier in the ballot dealing with reparations to the original asari colonist and/or their families based on damages suffered during the original batarian incursion into Lorek in 1913. The tier included an option to change the colony’s name to Esan, the name given to the colony by the asari.

Council officials will monitor the election process and Council peacekeepers will provide security on election day.

Report filed by Paul Wolfram from Lorek.



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