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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 8 (c.2): Crossroads



Tweet of the Day: Lying Liars Who Lie



I’m here…

The snow drifts silently past the log cabin’s window. Wood crackles in the fireplace. Miranda’s black dress sparkles  in the firelight.

“Never had a White Christmas before,” I say.

The window reflects her radiant smile.

“Hey, sorry we are late,” Jacob Taylor said. Behind him came his lovely wife Brynn. Oriana and Pasha came after them, holding hands. Miranda smile turns into a scowl.

I whispered into her ear, “He is a good kid.”

“She is still my baby sister,” she whispered back.

“That will never change. I’ll get the champagne.”

The old bomb shelter stank of dank decay. Moisture drips from the cracks in the concrete. Resistance leaders crowd around a flickering holo table. Ramses, all of the resistance leaders went by code names, taps his ear. Moments later half the room pulls guns on the other. Two Cerberus troopers, in their burly white and gold armor, descend the stair to the shelter, grab Anderson by the arms and take him outside. A sharp pain pierces me from back to front. I glance down. A blade protrudes from my belly.

Someone whispered in my ear, “The Illusive Man sends his regards.”

Admiral Shepard stands in the airlock.

“I’m sorry about Anderson, sir,” I say.

He turns, “Wasn’t your fault, commander.”

Yes, yes it was.

“Yes it was!”

She kisses my forehead.

“I’m here.”



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