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Mass Effect AEC/ANN News Now: Headlines for October 11, 2196



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ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on Milgrom, Bekenstein

October 11, 2196

Headlines for October 11, 2196

by Iris Dunnigan

  • Citadel: Commander Thompson-Ramos, Alliance Navy, remains in critical condition in Huerta Memorial after his shuttle crashed into a Presidium lake in the afternoon of October 7. Holos taken moments before the crash show the front canopy of the shuttle shattering moments before it nosedived into the reservoir. C-Sec units where on the scene within minutes and pulled the injured commander from the vehicle.  A spokesperson for Huerta Memorial categorized the commander’s injuries as, “serious” but did not elaborate on the nature of said injuries. C-Sec has opened an investigation on the crash.
  • Chav: A  jury on the colony world of Chav found the Neo-Terra Six guilty of a host of charges including sedition, inciting a riot, robbery, murder and terrorism. The six human youths, between the ages of nineteen and twenty-two, were captured in a series of raids by colonial anti-terrorist units conducted in the vicinity of the city of Jarvis, Chav third largest city. Among the evidence found in the raids were both print and digital media containing exhortations to violence, a hit list of local non-human civic leaders, home made incendiary devices and sniper rifles equipped with polonium rounds. The human youths face prison sentences from thirty to one hundred years.
  • Bekenstein:  The pilot episode of the new show Champions of the Terminus broke planetary and extra-net viewing records with 3. 6 million viewers on the colony in the first day and 1.5 billion viewers during extra-net rebroadcast during the week.
  • Tyr: Tyr Shipyards LTD put the finishing touches on the third Normandy class frigate ordered by Alliance Navy, the SSV Sevastopol SR-4. She will begin static systems trials next month and be ready for her shakedown cruise sometime in early 2197. According to Alliance officials, in spite news of cost overruns, the first tranche of frigates will be delivered on schedule with SSV Tobruk and SSV Kasserine ready for trials in the first half of 2197 and the first of the second tranche, SSV Lepanto will be completed by the second half of the same year. The SSV Krakatau, the Alliance’s newest dreadnought will also be joining the fleet by early 2198.
  • Sur’Kesh: A new military fiction book set during the Reaper Invasion, The Fighting Dalatrass by Malik Lidar, broke first day sales records. The book tells the tale of a young Dalatrass Kymeth who breaks with the other Dalatrasses and leads a perilous expedition deep into Reaper controlled territory aboard a stealth dreadnought. Publication of the book has been delayed several times, in spite of the authors assertion that it is pure fiction, by multiple lawsuits. The author has been accused of, among other things; revealing state secrets, defamation and inappropriate representations of salarian reproduction rites. Unconfirmed reports from the Citadel point to a rare formal protest by the Councilor Valern against Pinnacle Publishing, a trans-species publishing conglomerate that owns the books rights outside salarian space. The protest centers around the depiction of a amorous relationship between the books main character and the leader of an asari commando unit. The Fighting Dalatrass will hit books stores in paperback and E-book formats across Citadel space later this month.
  • Garvug: The Citadel Council has commissioned a team of bio-engineers and archeologist to research Prothean ruins on the former Krogan colony and begin the process of ecological restoration. This was done after the local government agreed to the Kelphic Valley Accords which deal with Council/Krogan relationships. Among other things, the accord puts strict limits on krogan reproduction rates and recognizes Clan Urdnot as the official representative of all krogan within Citadel space.


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