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Weekend Roundup: April 27 – May 3


Tweet of the Day: Hawk at Sunset


Yes, once again we find ourselves with a dearth of posts. A veritable void of words, or should I say ideas that never took form, hence the void. But, gentle reader, I managed to diagnosed the problem.

Hello Writer’s Block, my old friend!

Yes, I call it my friend. Why shouldn’t I? It is a most vexing of relationships, as you are all well aware. It is of the nagging type. It vetoes every thought. Every impulse to write is interfered with. Yet to a writer, it can be the most helpful of friends. For you see, it tells you when you go down a blind alley. It knows when you are forcing a character to do what they would not or writing a scene that is completely worthless.  We writers know better, of course. We know what we ought to do every single time. So we don’t listen. We carry on. We fail. Then we listen. I spent the bulk of the week trying to write something that was, to be both blunt and fair, useless. Thankfully my old friend intervened. It showed me the error of my ways. I ignored its warnings. It stayed put. I finally listened, ditched the worthless scene and wrote something completely different.

So all is well.

Until the next time that is.

Now, let us have a  look at what little this week brought us:

Nice bookends, don’t you think?

Until next week.



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