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TV Tropes Monday: More Than Mind Control



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Mind control powers seem pretty neat, don’t day. With a simple thought or gesture you have your enemies dancing at the end of the proverbial strings. It is also a game breaker. If controlling someone else as simple as uttering a few thoughts or just thinking about it, why doesn’t this person control the world?  Enter More Than Mind Control, for when you want a mind controlling villain with a little more finesse. As the page explains this involves using a fair bit of psychology or other methods to make the mind control effect stick or disguise the fact that there is any mind control at all.

It may well be that the mind control powers in question have their limits. Yes, you might be able to read someone emotional state, thoughts or even compelled them to action if they are within range, but the control can either be broken easily by a  strong mind. You may even have a reversal, where the mental powers allow the would be controller to fine tune his tactics but they can not, by themselves, control the subject. An example would be an empath, somebody who can read another person’s emotional state, perhaps even influence it, but can not seize direct control of their mind. But by using their empathic powers they can calibrate their brainwashing technique. They know exactly when and how much happiness, pain or despair the subject is feeling at any moment and adjust their technique accordingly. That would make the brainwashing all the more powerful and long lasting.


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