TV Tropes Monday: Arranged Marriage



Tweet of the Day: History v. Future: Averting Wars Through Marriage/Romance


This trope explains itself, if not, click on the link above. It comes with all sorts of troubles often arising from the unwillingness of the betrothed to be wed. And that problems don’t stop at the altar. It may be a bad match not only at the individual level but of the families that are brought together by the marriage. Nor does it stop one or both sides of the marriage to be unfaithful to the other. And others may not approve of the marriage and try to sabotage it, before or after the nuptials.

Then you have the unfortunate implications attached to this trope when the story is set in modern times. It is seen as a sign of a backward/primitive culture that has not embraced the idea of marriage for love rather than procreation. Made even worse when things like child brides (or grooms) are thrown into the mix.

There is also the question of why this trope is still in use in modern or even future societies specially when reproductive technologies should, in theory, liberate marriage from the burden of reproduction. It may well be that baring reproduction marriage comes full circle and becomes a social contract once again for the purpose of cementing alliances and securing wealth.


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