April 2014 Blog Chain: Alpha Complex



Tweet of the Day: Why are games with a customizable main character so popular?


I’m battling a stomach bug but hey still time to engage in another Blog Chain. Let’s see what I can come up with:

Starting Date: Monday, April 7, 2014
Open to all forum members, even after it starts!

This month’s prompt:
Random Fiasco

It’s time to roll the dice, baby, and come up with a random setting and setup sourced from the roleplaying game Fiasco.

Using this online dice-roller (or real dice), roll to see which setting you’ll be using:
01 – Alpha Complex (science fiction)
02 – Dragon Slayers (fantasy)
03 – Flyover (contemporary America)
04 – Heroes Of Pinnacle City (superheroes)
05 – Los Angeles, 1936 (film noir)
06 – Vegas, Baby (Vegas!)

Each setting linked above has a list of Relationships, Needs, Objects, and Places. Roll the dice twice for each category, once to determine the kind of Relationship, Need, Object, and Place, and once to determine the specifics.

Your blog post must use the rolled Setting, Relationshio, Need, Object, and Place in some way. You can reroll if you can’t make it work.

1. Using the dice roller, I roll a 2. That means my setting is Dragon Slayers.
2. Following the Dragon Slayers link, I roll for my Relationship. I get a 1, which means Family and Romance
3. I roll again to see what kind of Family and Romance. I roll a 3, which means Unrequited lovers.
4. I roll for my Needs. I get a 5, which means To Rule.
5. I roll again to see what kind of Rule and get a 4, which means To Rule…an army of undead.
6. I roll for my Location. I get a 5, which means From the Past.
7. I roll again to see what kind of location From the Past and get a 2, which means Military academy (massacred in a major war).
8. Finally, I roll for my Object. I get a 1, which means Weapons.
9. I roll one more time to see what kind of Weapons and get a 3, which means Big-ass iron warhammer.

So in this case, my blog entry would need to include:
-A fantasy setting
-Character(s) with an unrequited romance
-Someone who needs/wants to rule over an army of undead
-A military academy massacred and destroyed in a past war
-A big-ass iron warhammer


Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible. Read and comment on other participants’ posts if you possibly can–they’ll be doing the same for you! Please include a list of all participants’ blogs (not necessarily their actual posts for the month) in your blog post.

I rolled:

Setting: Alpha Complex
Relationships: Secret Societies-Sierra Club Tree Huger and Pro-Tech gadget fanatic
Needs: To get rich-by earning bonuses for completing service services
Locations: HPD and Mind Control-Private suite of a much higher-clearance citizen
Objects: Treasonous- Gatzmann Archive of Old Reckoning history and literature


A-Level, Alpha Complex, 165 Post-Reckoning

The team swept through the place. They poked into every nook and cranny of the luxury apartment. We had gotten a tip about insider service trading scheme between some Sierra Club members and the Pro-Tech Gideons. Something about diverting funds for, “special tasks,” whatever that meant. We only had an hour to search the place before the suspect came back from the Octopera. Opera in eight dimensions, only the filthy rich could afford that. They could also afford a three bedroom apartment with a full size kitchen decorated in gun metal and dark lacquer.  Or the oversize bean bag sofas and a four sided tele-viewer set up.  To top it all off, it sported a large set of windows that overlooked the upper dome and the stark lunar landscape beyond.

I bet he gets the best views of Terra on this side of A-Level.

“Stevens get out of that sofa!” I yelled at my lieutenant.

“Sorry boss,” he said as he struggled to escape the folds of the orange monstrosity.

“Boss, we found something,” said Conley. He extracted a grey box from the fluted base of the tele-viewer.

“Boys, this here is a Gatzmann Archive. The finest Pre-Reckoning storage device in existence and I bet our Sierra Club friends are not cleared for such tech. Good Job Conley,” I said.

Handed me the box and we exited the apartment with a few minutes to spare. Now it was up to the surveillance team to track his movements. With any luck, once he discovered the missing box he would bolt and lead them right to his accomplices.

D-Level, Alpha Complex, 165 Post-Reckoning

I opened the door to my place, Gatzmann box in hand. Like all apartments on the level, it was a windowless corridor affair. Wardrobe to the right of the front door, where I tossed my jacket. In the middle a sofa-bed that folded into the left wall, a flat tele-viewer on the right and at the bottom, the water closet and food heating station. I hoked up the grey box to my tele-viewer and sat in the sofa.  It started in the middle of a recording.

“Ridiculous speed!” said a midget in an large black helmet.

This looked like fun, and the best thing was I didn’t have to return it until the beginning of my next shift.


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4 comments on “April 2014 Blog Chain: Alpha Complex

  1. I loved the eight-dimensional opera! (btw, I think there’s a typo in the first sentence, might want to re-read it – ‘the team swept the poked’).


  2. Hah! Way to turn Fahrenheit 451 on its head, where the forbidden object is not a great and serious masterpiece but a comedy spoof 😀

    Also, I think I found a typo too: Steven’s seems like it should be either Steven or Stevens.


  3. Awesome theme for this month! Makes me want to roll the dice. Nice job.


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