Frozen: A Failed Feminist Fantasy



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I finally saw Frozen and… it was okay. Better than Cars 2 but that is not saying much. The movie is saddled with way too many Disney cliches that are there only to be barely subverted. Instead of focusing on the relationship between the sisters, Pixar had to shoehorn a pair of male characters for the obligatory love triangle/romantic plot tumor. So the movie wastes time setting all that up when in fact it had a perfectly good plot already going. And for those who may claim they were used to subvert all the relevant cliches attached to Disney princesses, it was already done in Enchanted.

The irony is that Brave did it much better even within the cultural boundaries it set for itself. The plot revolved around the key relationship between mother and daughter. The male characters that are present serve well in their backup roles but rarely interfere in said relationship. I would go so far as to say that Frozen would have been a much better movie if it embraced the underlying feminist message and ditched the romantic interest all together.

But alas, some cliches refuse to die.


2 comments on “Frozen: A Failed Feminist Fantasy

  1. I haven’t seen the film, but the lack of female relationships in movies truly bothers me. I’ve had it up to here with all-male casts with the “one girl” throwin in. So it’s a double shame that they wasted a chance for what sounds like an interesting storyline.


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