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TV Tropes Monday: Lady of War


Tweet of the Day: Make Your Own Longbow; Or, What You Will


The Lady of War is not a woman with a gun or a gender-swapped character model in a video games. She is a Mistress of Conflict, refined, beautiful and deadly. She may carry a rapier instead of a broadsword. She is like a cobra, fast, accurate and deadly. She is practical too. No chainmail bikinis for this lady. She tends to be a master tactician if not strategist. However, keeping with the Lady part of the trope, she rarely if ever uses poison or sneaks attacks. Instead she wades into battle, but do to her grace and skill she rarely gets a bruise or blemish.

The Lady of War is a common fixture of speculative fiction, often modeled after historical figures like Joan of Arc. A preferred character in Urban Fantasy settings were skill in magic can complement/substitute for sheer strength. Also found in any setting where technology erases the need for superior upper body strength or erases gender distinctions. Modern settings may have the lady as a fighter pilot, where skill in arms plus a certain chivalric aura combines to make her a knight of the skies.



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