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TV Tropes Monday: Planet Terra

Tweet of the Day:  On Writing- Point of View


Planets in science fiction get fanciful names ripped from lore and legend.

But what about our own little blue marble floating in space?

Well, it has a name, of course, but it seems rather…plain. Not to mention rather inaccurate to boot with all that seawater lying around. It needs something with a bit of flare, something that says, “We are not just a muddy hole in the ground.” I got it, lets call it…. Terra.

Mind you, Terra is just Latin for well…Earth, literally and in more than one language too. But Latin makes everything a instant classic. You can just imagine the word spilling from the lips of a space nymph. Not only that, but it makes us more than just Earthlings or Humans, no we are Terrans.

Now that is galactic class.

So raise your glasses to the old gal, the blue jewel in the night sky, our home world.



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