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Welcome to Hellas


Tweet of the Day: Robert Goddard’s Secret Plan for the Future of Mankind in Space


Which is Greek for…Greece. But this is not just a post about a summer holiday down on the bright blue med, basking in the white brightness of hillside homes in Santorini, this is about something else entirely:

A game, of course, because I can stop talking about games. This particular game is called Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone, a table top RPG that mixes ancient Greek mythology with space opera in an completely unexpected and excellent way which fits me like a T. I loved Greek mythology since I was a child. I learned English by reading along to the stories of Herakles (Hercules), Pegasus (the real hero of the story), Medusa and a condensed version of the Illiad. At the same time I came in contact with epic space opera by way of such movies as Star Wars and Star Trek. So, when a friend of mind introduced me to this book I was curious to say the least. Now that we are playing it, I’m hooked.

Of course it turns out that they were not the first one to do this. Leave it to the French to take a wild idea like this and run with it:


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