Space for Rent: Six Long Years

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I woke up this morning and WordPress announce triumphantly that this blog, yes, ye olde little blog, has been going on strong for six years.

Six years, I’ve been at it for six years. Six winters mild winters, six humid scorching summers, a few bouts of illness, real life smacking me in the face from time to time, and lots of writing. And it all started because I wanted to write. In fact the first post were a rough first draft of my first novella. It all went downhill from there. I written about games, stories, books, movies, social issues and even politics.

Just because I can.

And a few of you have some how glomped on to this little white space somewhere in the hinterlands of the interwebs and hanged on for dear life.

So, to you, dear readers, thank you.

Oh, and to the new readers, welcome! 😀



4 comments on “Space for Rent: Six Long Years

  1. I hope to keep hearing from you for quite some time yet!


  2. Congratulations on your longevity. 😀 And on having a creative, interesting space on the web. Good luck for 2014, and have a happy holiday.


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