TV Tropes Monday: Christmas Music


Tweet of the Day: The Cinderella Tree


Ah, the holidays, full of gifts an cheer. Except if you work in retail. Whether the hapless department store peon watches the Gates of Hell open before him on Black Friday or slowly descends into madness as seasonal decorations take over every shelf space, what pushes this luckless bastard over the edge is the cheery onslaught of Christmas Music. Happy go lucky tunes flood from the PA/Tannoy system, infusing every inch of the victim’s ear canal with sappiness beyond all human comprehension until the poor idiot, under the unblinking white sanity robbing glare of neon light snaps, rips off his reindeer sweater and runs half naked into the cold hard night.

That is but one side of this trope.

The other side occurs when the hapless soul, sinks into the comfiest of love chairs in ye olde family home, sweet cooking smells filling his nostrils, when grandma pulls out a dusty old LP jacket and says, “You remember this, don’t you Billy?”

The fool eyes stare wide in terror.

Oh no, not again!

Happy Holidays! 😀


And because I am eveil….

4 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Christmas Music

  1. I don’t mind Christmas music at all but what I do hate are all the repetitive holiday commercials on tv, the same one blasted ad nauseum . It’s so bad that when I see the wretched things starting up I snatch up the remote and jab the ‘last channel’ button. I don’t even care what’s on, I just don’t want to look at or hear those commercials.


  2. Feliz Navidad is one of the better Christmas songs, IMO. Thanks for the laugh, Ralph!


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