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Mass Effect: Negotiations


Mass-Effect-Logo-Tweet of the Day: The Return of Pulp


The backroom’s walls thrummed to the rhythm of the music coming from Gozu district least reputable dance bar. A cone of light illuminated the poker table top in the middle of the room. Jotun,  Beyond‘s batarian owner, sat at the table surrounded by bodyguards. Smoke wafted past his nose as he waited for his guest. The noise from outside spiked the moment the door opened. Three figures entered. Another batarian sat opposite Hokum.

“So,what brings the mighty Jatak to the finest establishment in Omega? I have to say I’ve enjoyed your speeches so far, inspiring stuff,” said Hokum. The end of his cigarette flared with each long drag, briefly illuminating his face before it disappeared into the darkness beyond the light.

“Hokum,” said Jatak, his figured cloaked in shadow.

Hokum leaned into the light,”Anything I can do for the voice of the great Batarian Assembly?”  he asked with a glint in his upper eyes.

“Sparing me the sarcasm would be nice,” said Jatak.

“I’ll try. Anything else?” asked Hokum.

Jatak leaned into the light. He stared at Hokum’s four eyes, “I want to know what happened to my recruiters.”

“Recruiters? What re-”

“Spare me the varen shit. Three of them, all murdered in the last month,” said Jatak.

“Three you say? Well, I don’t know anything about that. Then again, Omega is a dangerous place. It’s a place full of criminals and predators plus the odd hungry ghost, if you believe in such things,” said Hokum with a grin full of yellow smoke tainted teeth.

“I don’t, Hokum. But I do believe in greedy batarians willing to sell anyone for a quick credit, even to Cerberus,” said Jatak.

“Again, I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jatak. But if I were you I would not bandy that word around here. It makes people nervous,” said Jotun. His upper eyes glanced left to right, his lower ones in the opposite direction. There was a flurry of movement in the dark behind behind.

Jatak spotted the tell of someone looking for a way out, “Cerberus? Why not? I mean, slavery is one thing, but selling biotic kids to a human supremacy group bent on creating super soldiers for their cause is quite another. Same thing with cooperating with the same group in taking over Omega.” Jatak leaned back, “Mind you, a lot folks around here, except the humans, because they are no more humans on Omega anymore, remember Cerberus atrocities, specially against turians and,” he let the pregnant pause hang in the air for a few seconds, “batarians.”

“Accusations without proof are meaningless, Jatak,” snarled Hokum.

“You are absolutely right, which is why I provided undeniable proof to your associates ,” someone leveled the barrel of a gun to Hokum’s forehead,”or should I say,  former associates, before coming here,” said Jatak. He stood up, “I’m a big believer in giving everyone a chance. Sadly, you… missed yours.” He looked up to the Hokum’s bodyguards, “Gentlemen, after you are done here you can visit our new recruiting station in Afterlife. The Assembly’s offer of well paying work calibrated to your particular skill sets still stands.”

Jatak left the room. The music from the dance floor muffled the sound of a distant gunshot.

“Once a traitor….,” said Jatak as he left the club.


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