Space for Rent: Business Models


You may have heard about the Walmart workers striking on Black Friday.

Or how many a fast food worker gets payed a below poverty wage.

Perhaps you seen one of those images on Tumblr or Instagram of someone giving a waiter (recent hoax notwithstanding) a prayer instead of a proper tip.

We could throw in millions working for pennies to the dollar on farms in the U.S. or sweatshops (call that because of the appalling working conditions, when they don’t go up in smoke, of course) all over the world.

The common defense to all of these practices is that the consumer would suffer if something close to a fair exchange of work vis a vis wages occurred at any point between the worker and their bosses.

Think about that for a second…okay your second is up. This means that you have multiple business models based on the exploitation of human beings. And nobody talks about that. Nowhere do a I see anyone discussing why this should be this way. These are bad business models, yet everyone seems to accept them as given.

What the hell is wrong with us?

It is time we called out not just abusive/exploitative labor practices. It is time we bust the myth of cutting labor cost = good business. It is bullshit, pure and simple and we all know it. But we want our cheap sweaters and or fast hamburgers. So we blame the cook, the seamstress and the day laborer. We blame them because it is easier to do that than take a long hard look at why we allow these models to exist.

It is time to think outside the box….

3 comments on “Space for Rent: Business Models

  1. All part of a system that abstracts human beings into “producers” and “consumers” instead of considering them as people.


  2. Better wages would be a start. So many people barely get by on their paycheck and therefore have nothing to save. Or spend, for that matter.


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