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Mass Effect AEC/ANN Entertaiment News: Champions of the Terminus


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From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

October 3, 2196

“Champions of the Terminus”

by Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – Star Wolf Productions announced a new mid-season replacement for their Spring/Autumn (see extranet Link- Earth Global Calendar) lineup, “Champions of the Terminus.” Chad Paderewski, chief executive for programming called the new show,” An action-drama based on real events ripped from the headlines.” Star Wolf is keeping details of the new show under wraps but sources close to the production confirmed to ANN that the show will be loosely based on the exploits of Theodore Thompson-Ramos along the Skyllian Verge and the Terminus systems.

When asked if now Commander Thompson-Ramos approved of the use of his name and image, show runner Kiko Diaz answered that, “We made changes to protect the rights of all interested parties,” and he added, “That the network is working closely with the Alliance military to provide a high level of authenticity.”

We could not contact Commander Thompson-Ramos for comment as is he on assignment. Other former members of TR-S executive board (see extranet link- Alliance Dissolves TR-S) were also similarly indisposed.


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