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TV Tropes Monday: Full-Circle Revolution

Tweet of the Day: Romance and Fantasy


It is easier to destroy a thing than to build it. So it is with this trope. Often revolutions, specially in modern times, have lofty ideals but actually change nothing. One thing is to take down a government, specially a weak or unpopular one, but what comes next? How do you keep the coalition of divergent political, ethnic and religious groups together after the defeat of a common enemy? How do you protect the new government from outside intervention or revanchist forces? How do you restore the very order the revolution tore to pieces?

The problem with violent revolution is that it sets a dangerous precedent. It legitimizes the use of force as a means of acquiring political power. Violence becomes a means unto itself. Much easier to rule by fiat than by consensus. It is also much easier to use the existing bureaucracy, which however poorly the ran things, at least know where all documents are kept.

No wonder that the new boss looks like the old boss….


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