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Wizard’s World War (s.3)-Dispatch 20: Q Ships

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Aboard the Container Vessel Estrella de Mar, 50 kilometers south of O’ahu, State of Hawaii, U.S., August 21, 06:27 hrs, GMT -10

The captain hurried down the rope ladder as fast as his old bones allowed. The power boat below him clanged against the container ship’s massive hull. One misstep and he would either drown or be crushed between fiberglass and steel.

Hands reached up to catch him, “Cuidado mi capitan,” said Martín, the ship’s first mate.

The captain waved him off. The moment his feet hit the power boat’s deck he ordered the pilot to move east to Moloka’i.  He wanted to clear the area as soon as possible. He counted his blessings that they had not been detected so far. The roar of rocket motors erupted behind them. Massive white plumes of smoke engulfed the top containers of the Estrella de Mar. The missiles launched, four each, from ten containers. In less than a minute, forty missiles traveled a near supersonic speeds toward O’ahu.

The target: Pearl Harbor.

The captain caught a glimpse of his handiwork late in the afternoon. His crew crowded around an old TV in Moloka’i safe house. A reporter repeated the same report over and over again. Pearl Harbor had been attacked by an unknown enemy using some sort of cruise missiles. Several warships burned in the harbor, the carrier USS Reagan among them.  But the captain knew those were not the real targets. The camera panned over a forest of domed fuel tanks. Thick black smoke poured from them punctuated by orange explosions. But the sight of burning transport ships brought a smile to his face. Those ships carried bombs and fuel that the Reagan battle group needed to fight. Without them, the mighty carrier was nothing more than an ugly multi-billion nuclear powered yacht.

The Americans thought they could invade his country with impunity, impose their will as they did in 1847. They payed a heavy price then, they would pay a heavier price now.

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