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Mass Effect: Alliances

Tweet of the Day: What do a tortured vampire and a poisoned witch have in common?


“You wanted to see me, Wrex,” said Clan Chief Turtman.

Wrex stood in a balcony overlooking the Kelphic valley, “Yeah. Good work on Lorek.”

“It was easy. The only real opposition was inside the bomb factory. The local militia couldn’t handle real troops,” said Turtman.

“Good, cause I’m sending you out to help the batarians take back their home world,” said Wrex.


“Politics,” said Wrex. He walked into the room, a large sand with miniatures stood in the middle. He looked an intricate array of buildings, parks and roads. It was the master plan for Tuchanka’s newest city.

“Whose, ours or the Council’s?” asked Turtman.

“Both. The Council wants a stable Terminus to stop the pirates and slavers. We need the Council’s continued good will to rebuild Tuchanka.”

“And what does that have to do with batarians?”

“Help the batarians and through them we keep the Council happy and out of our noses,” said Wrex.

“Hmm, maybe, but they need army, not just a krogan battle group,” said Turtman.

“My sources say that they are putting together a good one. Lots of former mercs, war veterans, volunteers, but they are thin on heavy hitters, and nobody hits harder than krogan,” said Wrex. He chuckled, “So, are you going to finish what you started in Lorek?”

Turtman shook his green fringed head, “I always thought you were a crazy old man, with crazy ideas, but when you came back, I listened and,” he moved to balcony. He looked down on the Kelphic valley. There hundreds of thousands of krogans built, worked and played, “you cured the genophage, all of this is because of you. So, if this is a our way forward, then you can count on me.”

Wrex joined him at the balcony, “Good. One more thing. The Council sent a Specter to oversee operations. Human, female, Alliance, and a damned good soldier. I should know, I fought with her. She was part of the team that helped Shepard stop Saren and the Reapers.”


“So, if she talks, you listen. I certainly do,” said Wrex.

“You gone soft old man,” said Turtman with a hearty laugh.

“Women have some good ideas,” he pointed at the valley below, “and sometimes it pays to listen.”

“My daughters would agree,” said Turtman.

Together they watched Aralakh dipped below the horizon.


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