Casting Lessons of War

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This post is hard to write and I think it is (part of) the reason why I have been unproductive as of late. Some of you might recall a WiP of mine by the name of Ruins of Empire/Lessons of War.

Well it is still a WiP.

Getting back to it has been hard, even though I ironed a lot of the kinks, finishing a query-ready copy has been daunting to say the least. But it still haunts me, unfinished. Well I have to find a way to do just that and I thought that maybe if I try a few of my old tricks, such as “casting” the book, as in, if this was ever turned into a movie or TV show, who would I want to play the different characters, might just do the trick. Bare in mind that I always liked the idea of RoE to be adapted into an animated (CGI) movie or TV show, so these fine folks would provide the voices for the story. It is also an incomplete list:

  • Edward, Duke de Havilland: Daniel Radcliffe
  • Richard, Father of Edward: Colin Firth
  • Andrea, First Lady Elector of House Kaiser: Natalie Dormer
  • Caracatus: Idris Alba
  • Arch Duchess of House Kaiser: Claudia Black
  • Dame Sarah Lynn-Parker: Jennifer Hale
  • Baron Maximilian Lancaster: Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Admiral Weber: Martin Freeman
  • Inspector Hayle: Ali Hillis
  • Commodore Greyson:  Troy Baker
  • Handmaiden Athena: Lena Heady
  • Galena: Helena Boham Carter
  • Leftenant Archer: Yvonne Strahovski

You can go all the way back to 2010 to read a description of who these people are.

Well, now that is all sorted out, back to the writing.


2 comments on “Casting Lessons of War

  1. I love your casting list. And you get extra bonus points for Claudia Black. 😉


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