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TV Tropes Monday: Abandoned Hospital

Tweet of the Day: The man with an iceberg grave stone


Hospitals are creepy, no doubt about that. But this trope takes it to eleven. I think it is the stench of failure that surrounds such places. The mark of inevitability. Here people tried and ultimately failed to stave off death in all its forms until they and the very building cease to be. Hospitals also reminds us of disease and the helplessness that comes with being bed ridden.



Riddled with pain,

At the mercy of doctors whose medicines might be worse that the disease.

Add the fact that these places were cutting edge back in the day with practices that we would find laughable today.

Birth, death and undeath?

Don’t forget your flash light!


One comment on “TV Tropes Monday: Abandoned Hospital

  1. Yup, I have to agree that hospitals are some of the scariest places ever. Especially the abandoned ones. It’s like the walls absorbed all the pain and death that went on within them. Creepy!


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