TV Tropes Monday: Vampire Are Sex Gods

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I am going to do something I rarely do, rip apart a trope .Furthermore I’m going to put on my hipster hat, you know the one, the obnoxious, “This was different and people today don’t get it”, one.

Feel free to wonder off or close the window.

I don’t mind, no really, I don’t…

Still here? Okay then….

Here is the thing, sexuality and vampires have been connected since the Victorian Age that brought us such classics as Carmilla and Dracula. Of course, back then, the sexual aspect was part of the horror that vampires represented, the threat of unrestrained lust to physically and psychologically harm their victims. Vampirism was often a substitute for a plethora of diseases, many of the sexually transmitted diseases, that could cripple or kill anyone who suffered from them. Add to this the love/hate relationship the Victorians had with sex and the roles of the sexes and you can see how they feared it.

True, attitudes toward sex have changed in the intervening century, and with it the image of the vampire.

Except they still pray on human beings.

Oh and use psychic powers to seduce their victims.

I think it is time to bring back the vampire as monster, if for nothing else as a contrast to the refugees from the romance aisle.

After all, they might be sex gods, but who ever said gods were good, or nice?


2 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Vampire Are Sex Gods

  1. Not a romance-pire fan myself, I prefer the Ann Rice variety. Evil–and they admit it.


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