TV Tropes Monday: Rebellious Princess

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Everyone, well most everyone, goes through a rebellious phase: parent’s don’t understand them, the weight of the world is on their shoulders and of course they and only they know best. When said teen is also a princess, we have this trope in action.  Whether she comes of as a heroic character or a total prat depends on the situation. It may well be that her father or his associates are evil incarnate and she won’t have any of that. Perhaps she lost her position due to a conspiracy and wants what is rightfully hers. It may well be that she follows the call of true love.

Or she is a spoiled bitch with no idea how everyone else outside the palace walls lives.

This character need not be an actual princess. Any character of aristocratic or wealthy background expected to carry their parents legacy fits the trope. Whether the princess comes off as sympathetic or not is up to the author.



4 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Rebellious Princess

  1. Off topic but love your picture of the bear and tiger. Where did you find it or did you take it yourself?


  2. Now you have me thinking about the rebellious princesses I have come across. Hmmmm….


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