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Mass Effect/AEC: Gaming Galaxy-Grand Terminus Alliance Breaks Sales Records


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Gaming Galaxy: Grand Terminus Alliance Breaks Sales Records

Serpent Nebula, Widow System, the Citadel, Zakera Ward ,October 3, 2196

Grick: Hello and welcome to another edition of Gaming Galaxy, with me, Grick, your favorite salarian gamer. On the show today we will be talking about Grant Terminus Alliance 2 and its record breaking performance up to date. At two hundred and seventy million credits it is the most expensive game developed by any developers in this cycle. A huge risk on the side of North Star, but one that has payed off handsomely shattered first day sales records reaching a whopping eight hundred million credits on release day and passed the one billion credit mark three days after that. The last record holder, Shadow Ops, managed a five hundred million credit pay day on release and it took fifteen days for it to reach the billion credit mark. To discuss what that means for the industry we have Ben Sterling from The Eludist back on the show. Welcome back Ben!

Ben: Glad to be back Grick!

Grick: Let’s get to it. The cost.,I mean, two hundred million credits, and counting? I’m sure that’s making the people at Elegant Artist break out in a cold sweat.

Ben: At the same time they are salivating over the profits.

Grick: True, but considering that everyone complains about the cost of video games these days I don’t think anyone wants to try and match North Star investment.

Ben: Maybe, but the thing is, the industry suffers from extreme herd mentality. North Star is leading the herd and what the rest of the cattle are probably seeing is that a twenty-seven million investment today equals a billion credits in three days. Doesn’t matter that North Star carefully groomed its audience by rolling out small but significant updates to game play or that it has a superb writing staff or for that matter that it is willing to flirt with controversy if it means delivering a better product. Nor that it took more than a decade to finish this game.

Grick: Talking of controversy, several reviewers have given the game less than perfect scores due to the fact that single player campaign is heavily human centric and that the characters are extremely unlikeable.

Ben: That has been a staple of the series so far, Grick. No one comes out smelling like roses. The human protagonist are criminals as is almost everyone else in the corrupt colony world of Fallen Saints. As for being human centric, well this is primarily the story of human criminals trying to survive out in the Terminus among well established criminal groups from across the galaxy. Everyone on Fallen Saints is an outlier and the worst their race has to offer. If you are going to lambast racial stereotypes, you might as well do all of them at once.

Grick: True. But now that mention it, this is the first game that simulates an entire planet, from pole to pole. A dozen mayor cities, over a thousand settlements of all types, a full interactive ecosystem and the most complex weather simulation I’ve ever seen in a game to date.

Ben: And those are the reasons, along side its revamped online game play mode that be release later in the month, why this game costs so much to make.

Grick: North Star are masters of complex game play systems. This game has it all, from cover base shooting, to all kinds of land, air and space vehicles and over three hundred mini games. That’s enough content to keep the average player engaged for over a year. Keeping multi-sector extranet servers with billions of users without monthly fees is going to eat up their profits, no matter how much they make up front.

Ben: And that’s why for the first time in any game, anything and everything you can buy with in-game currency can also be bought for real world credits once the game goes online. Not only that, but players will be able to bet on such in-game player events such as shuttle races or other sports mini-games.  Where allowed by law, of course.

Grick: Oh no, I can see it now, hordes of hackers and gamblers crawling through the extranet looking for game breaking exploits just to cash in.

Ben: Maybe, but I don’t think that is the real risk here. Like I said before, the real risk is that other developers will try to emulate the success of Grand Terminus Alliance by pouring vast amounts of credits on clones, saturating the market, leading, perhaps, to the long awaited implosion of the top tier game market.

Grick: I hope not, I really really hope not. Meantime I have asari run brothel that I have to rob, so Ben, thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you all on the next Gaming Galaxy.


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