Space for Rent: Feminism is a Thing

Well, duh!

But why say it? Because it needs to be said. It seems that when someone uses feminist theory to critique or dissect videogames a very common counterattack is that feminism has no place in the discussion. It is, somehow, inherently invalid and completely irrelevant to the subject at hand. This is the rhetorical equivalent of, “Shut up and go back to the kitchen!”

I think the word, “WRONG!” comes to mind, don’t you?

If videogames are to grow as an artistic medium then you can not segregate or ban any school of criticism that seeks to understand, explore and explain said medium. And the medium must be mature enough to absorb criticism regardless of the source. Saying that feminist critique is inconsequential shows a great deal of immaturity.

But from whom?

Not the media or the content creators, but from a certain subset of the audience who fears that someone will take away their breast jiggle physics (yeah, that’s a thing), heroes that are so hyper-masculine as to border on homoerotic, and a medium that reaffirms a world view centered around fulfilling their every whim.

Translation: They are afraid someone will take their toys away.

It’s not going to happen. They might be displaced, forced to share space with other views and other audience members but as long as the money is there, someone will make the above mentioned self-reinforcing fantasies for those who refuse to grow up.

Everybody else will be able to enjoy a larger sandbox, made ever larger by new voices, new points of view and a confident medium willing to accept criticism from all corners.

3 comments on “Space for Rent: Feminism is a Thing

  1. Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing it on AW. (I’m ralf58 there.)


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