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TV Tropes Monday: Bunny Ears Lawyer

Tweet of the Day: Don’t Spill a Drop


When you need a hyper-competent character that doesn’t come off as a complete a-hole or weirdo, who are you going to call?

The Bunny Ears Lawyer, of course.

This character comes loaded with a lot of personality quirks, often of the socially awkward variety, but not too awkward. They are functional but skewed. Where everybody turns right, they happily jaunt left to smell the flowers. They are very much aware that everyone went right, and he will soon join them, but on his own terms. These quirks make the character endearing instead which serves to offset the audience inability to cope with their hyper-competence. The reverse is true for the other characters in the story. They put up with the occasional faux pas, odd murmuring or that time they wore bunny ears to the courtroom (hence the name of the trope) because the character is very, oh so very good at what they do.

So load up those character imperfections along side their gigantic brains and quick reflexes and send the bunny ears lawyer out into the world.


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