I had trouble sleeping….


You might be wondering why I had not posted as often or as regularly as I usually do.  Well many excuses come to mind, but at least one real life fact, with a real impact on this block came to bite me in the ass last night.


I had severe bouts of insomnia in the past, a symptom of other problems I don’t care to discuss at the moment. Suffice it to say that the lack of meaningful sleep does not improve anything, at any time, under any circumstances. So when old Sleepless came back I decided to do something about it.

I bought some over the counter, “sleeping aids.”

Bad…bad…bad idea.

I’ve had the worst night in a long time. Worse than fighting a bad chest busting cold type of night.

One bad trip, the kind you know your having while your having it.

And social media made it worse. How? I had a stupid meme stuck in my head for most of the night. Like watching a bad movie over, and over and over again, while drowsy, yet somehow wide awake. And don’t get me started on the muscle spasms….

Kids, don’t do over the counter drugs…ummkay?


3 comments on “I had trouble sleeping….

  1. My son has chronic insomnia and the docs can’t do much about it other than give him meds to get him to sleep and more meds to get him to wake up. Ugh.
    I tried sleeping aids once and never again. They revved me up instead of letting me relax and I was awake all night long.


    • I am not at that stage, but I feel for your son. It must be a constant nightmare. I don’t know if what happened to me last night could be considered revving up, but it was the worst mental fog + total exhaustion I have ever had, and let me tell you I had some heavy pain medication in me in the past. If tripping on acid or any other similar drug is like this, I don’t want anything to do with it. Ever….


  2. Hope you are slleping better now.


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