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TV Tropes Monday: All Hail The Great God Mickey

Tweet of the Day: Slightly Dark Hero on Aisle One!


The world has gone to hell in a hand basket, but man kind, in some form, survives. Sadly, none in is around to carry out the knowledge of the Old World, except for a few fragmented memories or mementos. Thus when it comes to the local religion, that mighty statute of an ancient king sitting on a great throne overlooking the waters of dee-cee seems to be something to be worship, or an old TV, either one would do.

All Hail the Great God Mickey!

A form of Cargo Cult, it is often played for laughs just to show how ignorant these primitives are, or as a commentary on society. What makes this trope interesting, yet hard to pull off, is the answer to why people worship these icons. The reason why something is worship says more about the people worshiping it, and by extension, the setting of the story, than a passing pop culture reference.

So go forth and worship on the altar of old forgotten gods ye mighty, and despair.




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