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Wizards’ World War (s.3)- Dispatch 19(d): The Big Picture

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Season 1 & 2Season 3 Premiere Dispatch 19cDispatch 20


Canadian Broadcasting Centre, 250 Front Street West, Ontario, Canada,  28 July, 16:51 hrs GMT -4

The camera faded from commercial back to the studio. Again, it frame McAdam face against the blue cardboard background. A screen flat screen descended from the ceiling.

“Welcome back to the last segment of tonight’s program. We now move to the question of Canadian participation in the ongoing European war. From Ottawa we have New Democrat MP Anissa Stuart, from BC, welcome to the program Ms. Stuart,” said McAdam.

The middle age blond woman nodded, “Thank you Josh.”

“Ms. Stuart, considering that your party won majority by opposing the Conservatives stand on the so called War Terror why should the public back Canadian intervention in Europe?” asked McAdam.

“Josh, these are two very different circumstances.  The measures taken by the past government in conjunction with their American counterparts violated human rights, curtailed the constitutional freedoms of Canadian citizens and exacerbated conflicts around the world. As for Europe, we are seeing the destruction of entire nations before our very eyes by a ruthless enemy. I believe the difference is very clear,” said Stuart.

“But one of the arguments made by members of your party against Canadian participation in the War on Terror was the, and I quote, ‘Unjust enrichment of certain industries of human suffering in the poorest nations on Earth’, unquote, yet today some are calling Canada the new arsenal of democracy. Isn’t that hypocritical of your government to exploit the need of European for armament to enrich themselves?”

“Again, Josh, the situation is very different. We are providing aid to millions of refugees, consisting of a mix of fuel supplies, much needed food and medicines, under the auspices of  United Nations Security Council  Resolution 314. As for armaments we are providing NATO standard-”

McAdam interrupted the minister, “But no nation on either side of the Atlantic has invoked the NATO charter, Ms. Stuart.”

“That is true Josh, but we also have long standing treaties with most of countries in the region aside from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We are also part of the Commonwealth and we have evidence that the forces attacking France today launched the bloody attack on London last year that killed thousands in a single night,” she said.

“What about military aid? Canada has already deploy two out of its three brigades to France and is promising to raise a third brigade. Can we afford such rapid mobilization at a time of global economic hardship?”

“We can’t afford not to. We have called for full mobilization of Canadian forces, something that has not happened since second world war and we seen an enthusiastic response from both active duty members and the thousands of volunteers lining up to enter the service. We believe we might have a third brigade ready for deployment by mid-Fall at the latest.”

“How long do you think that enthusiasm will last as reports of casualties mount? Losses of Canadian forces are now at over two hundred dead as just as many wounded, almost twice the loss rate in Afghanistan in a much shorter period,” said McAdam.

“Because this is an enemy that has neither asked nor given quarter. No leaders have stepped forward to claim responsibility for the atrocities committed across Europe, from central France to the shores of the Aegean sea. Canadians have a long tradition of defending those that can not defend themselves as well as a commitment to help our allies in their hour of need,” said Stuart.

“What about our own borders?”

“The government will invest over one billion dollars, Canadian, to retrain, re-quip and deploy RCMP units along the border. This training emphasizes a police and humanitarian approach to the flood of refugees escaping recent turmoil in the south.”

“Will that be enough?”

“We are doing all we can to balance our legal responsibilities, both at home and abroad, and are committed to protecting our territorial integrity without sacrificing the civil rights of the citizens of our nation,” said Stuart.

“Thank Ms. Stuart. That’s all for us tonight. Join us next week when we discuss the top stories of the day with our guest. Until then, goodnight,” said McAdam.

Credits rolled over the image of the audience who applauded.

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