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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News- “War on Lorek Ends”

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ANN News Desk

On location from Lorek

September 2, 2196

War on Lorek Ends

by Paul Wolfram

LOREK, JALNOR– An massive explosion rocked the skies above Jalnor late last night and signaled the end to months of bloody street fighting in the capital city. Government forces laid down their arms after reports that the local dictator shuttle exploded as it escaped the planet. While L’icos promised to fight to the bitter end, it seems that he chose to flee as his forces collapsed under continued pressure from so called, “Freedom Battalions” associated with the recently formed Batarian Assembly. L’icos last message to his followers at midnight, local time, accused the Citadel Council of, “waging a war of aggression against the batarian people,” and, “urged continued resistance against those who perverted the batarian way of life,” unquote.

The group of asari commandos calling themselves the Daughters of Essan took responsibility for the destruction of dictator’s transport and announced an unilateral session of hostilities. Meanwhile, council peacekeepers moved to restore law and order in the streets of Jalnor while a provincial government assembled to form a new Duma.  A council spokesperson said that the council members would review Lorek’s situation in their next full meeting of the council scheduled for later on today.

This report was filed on location by ANN correspondent Paul Wolfram.

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