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Wizards’ World War (s.3) Dispatch 19b: The Big Picture

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Canadian Broadcasting Centre, 250 Front Street West, Ontario, Canada,  28 July, 16:17 hrs GMT -4

The camera fades from commercial back to the studio and does a close up on the host, Josh McAdam.

“Welcome back The Big Picture. Professor Whitworth, you recently posted on your blog an article titled, ‘Balkan U.S.A.’ in which you present a scenario of a broken U.S. government unable to deal with a rising tide of ethnic and religious violence spreading through the nation. On what do you base this grim prediction?” asked McAdam.

“Well Josh, the U.S. has already experience a low level insurgency by the magical community within its borders. While the events of Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee ended the fighting, it also created a massive backlash in certain sectors of the evangelical community who are furious at the government for entering into negotiations with people whom they consider demon worshipers. This also comes at a time of increasing deficits at all level of government, a rise of violence against minorities and federal government deadlocked over the simplest policies,” said Whitworth.

“Are we looking at another American civil war?” asked McAdam.

“Not quite,” said Whitworth. He leaned forward on his chair, “But as violence against minorities, both ethnic and religious increases there will be pressure on the federal government to react on either side. Yet any such intervention will tend to aggravate the situation, as people on both sides of the issue will accuse the government of taking sides. If the federal government does nothing, then its authority deteriorates and local groups will take matters into their own hands. You have multiple fracture lines that run through American society based on race, socioeconomic position, religion and ethnicity with a completely dysfunctional two party system in the hands of a corporatist elite. As confidence in the ability of the authorities diminishes the likelihood of violence increases.”

“And how does that translate to a break up of the nation?” asked McAdam.

“You multiple trends that are colliding head on. The first is the decrease American influence abroad which is seen as weakness at home. The second is a series of inconclusive wars which have divided public opinion and put the nation under a  heavy debt burden. The third comes from resistance by the country’s corporate interests against the sort of reform that would decouple them from their sources of income, which for such sectors like defense, health, prisons and energy comes directly from tax payer dollars. And finally, you have a massive shift in demographics that is turning the white majority into a plurality nation wide and a minority in certain areas, All of the above add up to a recipe for disaster,” said Whitworth.

“So Colonel Denton, can we expect a repeat of eighteen-sixty one?” asked McAdam.

“No, I don’t expect fighting along state lines, but I do expect small acts of violence to degenerate into regional conflicts along the same fracture lines the professor just mentioned. My experience in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Lebanon taught me that in absence of effective central government willing to deal with the needs of the population, such as health and basic safety, other groups will rise to fill the void. I would also like to remind the audience here and at home that the distrust on the functionality of the American federal government is an at all time low, with Congress leading the polls downward into single digits but other branches of the government  are not far behind,” said the Colonel.

“And, if I may,” Whitworth interrupted, “lets not forget that you have a shrinking but politically active minority that despises the federal government in all areas except security, a minority constantly goaded into a state of paranoia by certain sectors of the media with threats of Sharia law, feminism, immigrants and now witchcraft. These tend to be the same minority that trends evangelical and is a big believer in owning personal firearms. This is a toxic combination. I think it will be more like the nineteen sixties, with riots, acts of terror and government crackdowns at multiple levels of government. Each act will feed into the next one creating an atmosphere of chaos.”

“But hasn’t happened yet?” asked McAdam.

“No, but as the situation in Mexico deteriorates or spills over into the U.S., the chances of this happening increases,” said Whitworth.

McAdam turned to the camera, “With increasing fighting in Mexico and the possibility of an American collapse, what does this mean for the ongoing conflict in Europe. We will discuss that and more after the break so stay with us.”

The shot fades to commercial.


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