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Space for Rent: The Many Questions of Injustice



I wanted to write a concise opinion piece of the Trayvn Martin case, but I could not. The more I thought about it the more questions I had about it, specially the response to the verdict:

Why, Richard Cohen, is a hoodie the universal uniform of your fears?

Why, commenter at any give internet forum, do you throw statistics at my face, claim that I ignore the truth, but never spell it out yourself?

How can a law designed, in theory, to protect the right of self defense become a shield against murder?

How can the same prosecutors who failed Trayvon succeed in putting away a woman for twenty years for merely firing a warning shot?

Whatever happened to Trayvon’s right to self-defense?

Why do you insist in calling Trayvon a “thug”? Are thugs deserving of death? Are only black kids that smoke pot or flip a camera thugs?

Why must Africa-American resist the overwhelming urge to vent their anger but nineteen year old college sport fans get to riot at will?

Why do you get angry when politicians or celebrities donned hoodies in solidarity with Trayvon?

Why should a vigilante fear other vigilantes if, according to him and his family, he did nothing wrong and was absolved by a jury of his peers?

Why do you feel the need to justify your paranoia instead of fighting your fears?

Why do you think it is okay to be “color blind” when in fact that just means that you are blind?






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