Weekend Roundup: June 23-29

Tweet of the Day: Are you ready for this summer’s blockbuster monster movie?


Another week, another collection of stories. No update on Friday because I was still recuperating from watching Man of Steel. A good movie, excellent in some interesting points, somewhat disturbing in others. A well thought out and read adaptation of the Superman mythos, much better that any other version out there. I’ll probably post another Lessons from the Aether about what the movie can teach us of character motivations, with the appropriate spoiler tags of course.  In the mean time take a gander at this week’s posts:

There you have it. Now I’m looking forward to Pacific Rim in the hopes that finally Hollywood can make a Kaiju/Mecha movie right. Until then…


2 comments on “Weekend Roundup: June 23-29

  1. A good week, Rafael.- glad you enjoyed Man Of Steel. And I love the cat picture.


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