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TV Tropes Monday: The Chains of Commanding

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The Hero  takes the fight to the Big Bad,  leads the Forces of Good against the Hordes of Evil.

A Hero is both Master and Commander.

And there lies the problem at the heart of this trope.

A hero is, well the hero, partly (or mostly) because he cares for something greater or outside himself: family, friends, nation, life. Those altruistic tendencies come back to bite them when their decisions put the life of others in danger or means the deliberate sacrifice of others. One thing for the hero to take on all comers by himself, another is for them to order their comrades and followers into the fray knowing full well some of them will die with the added bonus of knowing that they might fail just the same.  When done well the trope highlights the difference between our hero and the battle loving glory hound. When done poorly it shows an whining self-absorbed individual incapable of facing the challenges of command.


One comment on “TV Tropes Monday: The Chains of Commanding

  1. You said it.

    Anti-heroes are my favorites.


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