Mass Effect/AEC: ANN-Timeline for June 22, 2196

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ANN: Timeline with Richard Garrett

ANN Central Studios, Vancouver, North American Union

Richard Garrett: This is Sunday, June 26, 2186 and welcome to Timeline, I’m your host Richard Garrett. Violence rocked the Citadel this week, with the bombing of Larathos Institution for young asari. No specific group has claimed responsibility although multiple extranet sites associated with batarian extremist celebrated the attack and called for further terrorists activities in retaliation for what they perceive as the Council’s war on the batarian world of Lorek. However the batarian community at large has condemned the bombings repeatedly over the past couple of days.  The Batarian Assembly, a political coalition of batarian leaders, put out this statement yesterday:

(Image of Batarian Spokesperson appears on screen)

Batarians everywhere are disgusted, angered and saddened by the vile attack on children.  Some of those children come from caring, loving unions between batarians and asari, making these young women our daughters, sisters and friends. Each life taken ins such a cowardly manner diminishes all of us regardless of race or place of origin. We pledge ourselves to do whatever we can to heal the wounds of this tragedy and resolve to never forget. We stand against these cowards and their acts, they will find no place in the free world for a free people.

That was Mr. Jatak, spokesperson for the Batarian Assembly and our guest here today.

(Camera zooms out to show Garrett and Jatak siting across a table in the Timeline studios)

Welcome to the program Mr. Jatak.

Jatak:  Glad to be here Richard I only wish it was under better circumstances.

Richard Garrett: So do I. First all of, explain what is the Batarian Assembly and what do you mean by, and I quote, “a free world for a free people”?

Jatak: The Batarian Assembly is a broad coalition of leaders drawn from all sectors of the batarian diaspora. The thing you and your audience have to understand, and this ties in to our slogan, is that under the Hegemony, everyone, from the ruling oligarchs to the lowliest slave was chained to the system. The Hegemony was a self-perpetuating machine of state that came about as a reaction to the discovery of that we were not alone in the universe. Over the course of decades every single institution, from schools to religion was integrated into the caste system and made to service the State. And the greatest sin of all was to turn the traditional system of criminal justice and debt payment through service to the injured party into a brutal form of slavery, not that there is any other sort, that underpinned the entire construct. We were told that all other aliens were both a threat and yet  only worthy of being our servants. In the end, we all payed the price for arrogance built into the system.

Richard Garrett: How so?

Jatak: When the Reapers came, we were alone, with no allies or friends.  Worst of all, our government knew of the Reapers existence and actively experimented with their technology which lead to the mass indoctrination of our leaders. The result is that today, ten years after invasion, our world remains lost.

Richard Garrett: Why has it taken so long for not only the batarian diaspora, with admittedly limited resources, but for the galactic community as a whole to focus on Khar’shan?

Jatak: Like I said, we made a lot of enemies and the galactic community’s focus has been on reconstruction of the Council’s core worlds. Earth alone lost a full one third of its pre-war population, over three billion souls. Palaven losses reached forty percent of pre-war population estimates. Add to this the utter destruction of the batarian government and the rifts opened by the diaspora and it is a miracle we managed to pull together as we have. The terrorist who attacked the Larathos school are but one faction clinging to the old ways, ways most of us have rejected as self-destructive and evil.

Richard Garrett: Mr. Jatak, and I mean no disrespect, but could you give us an insight into the thinking behind attacks such as the one on the Citadel?

Jatak: Tyranny thrives on enemies, Richard. A tyrant needs external enemies to focus his people’s attention away from his own atrocities. The Hegemony needed an external enemy and humanity, with its aggressive expansion polices and staunch anti-slavery views, born out of a long and painful history with slavery, became the perfect enemy for the Hegemony to project itself upon. But tyrants are nothing more than a bullies, and like many a bully also cowards. Fear and thirst for power are the prime motivators then as now. When humanity entered the galactic community, the Hegemony saw an easy target. Yet, humanity fought back with a ferocity they were unprepared for. Torfan put the fear of the gods into our leaders . The failure of at Terra Nova and the Alliance entry into the Council compounded the size of the problem.

Richard Garrett: Speaking of Terra Nova, what did the Hegemony hoped to accomplish by wiping out an entire human colony?

Jatak: As I understand it, the oligarchs hoped to exploit the “Eden Prime” effect on human colonization. They thought that the destruction of Terra Nova would halt or even reverse human colonization efforts.

Richard Garrett: And what if the Alliance chose to go to war with the Hegemony instead?

Jatak: Then humanity would fight a war on two fronts, against the Hegemony on one side and the Geth in the other, a war, I may add, that would unify the batarian people against a common enemy. After decades of endless propaganda it would have been easy, all to easy, to convince our people that this was some sort of false flag operation by the Alliance to start a war against us.

Richard Garrett: I see. Well, stay with us, as we continue this fascinating interview with Mr. Jatak  after the break.


5 comments on “Mass Effect/AEC: ANN-Timeline for June 22, 2196

  1. Rafael, your science fiction always has the right mix: a convincing framework and a feeling of absolute reality and immediacy. Great post, I really enjoyed it.


  2. Mass Effect was quite detailed in its science for a game, too, wasn’t it? So, did you write, this, as like fan fiction or something? If so, it is very well done.


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