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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News-“Crisis” on Lorek Intensifies


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ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel

June 16, 2196

“Crisis” on Lorek Intensifies

by Amita Quita

CITADEL, PRESIDIUM– In a surprise move, the Citadel Council classified the Krogan Expeditionary Forces on Lorek as “Council Peacekeepers” amidst increased fighting in the capital. Fighting intensified  after a new group calling itself, “The Daughters of Esan” (See: Lorek, History), launched an assassination and sabotage campaign against high caste members of the planetary government. Dozens died on the night of June 11. Within hours, gruesome pictures of dead mid and high level government officials flooded the extranet along side explicit reports on abuses (most of a sexual nature) by these officials of their asari slaves.  The colonial government responded with massive dragnets, public executions and airstrikes on the slums of the city inhabited by lower caste batarians and non-batarian sentients.

Meanwhile the krogan expanded their positions on the outskirts of Jalnor, the colonial capital, and set up refugee camps for those escaping the fighting. Ga’vor L’icos, the head of  Lorek’s Colonial Authority, accused krogan forces of, “Establishing sanctuaries for insurrectionist, anarchist and law breakers.” To wit Clan Chief Turtman, current leader of the KEF, replied, “He is more than welcome to inspect the camps for himself. We will be waiting with guns ready.”

Ga’vor L’icos also leveled similar accusations at the Citadel Council. In response the Council released the following statement:

The Citadel Council is deeply concerned at the news emerging from Lorek. The history of the world is one filled with inter-species conflict. The krogan, as a Council Member species, are in the best position to monitor the situation and render help to the civilians caught in the crossfire. We invite all parties to agree to an immediate ceasefire and initiate negotiations to resolve any and all unresolved issues at the root of the current conflict.

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